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What Shall I Use to Unlock Windows Password When Forgoetten it


If you have ever forgotten Windows password or perhaps you have changed windows password and then you could not bear in mind it any more, when you have no other account with administrator rights, things might get tricky. The solution as well as tool mentioned here might unlock Windows password for all Windows versions?athat is, for Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 R2.


Solution: Reset Forgotten Windows Password using a Third Party

To resolve these issues, you can easily change or unlock forgotten Windows password having a Windows password reset disk. A password reset disk is a flash drive set up with your current password, specially formatted to unlock the password on Windows system once you forget it. It works as a key to unlock the account. However the problem is that we often forgot to create a password reset disk and can't login pc using any user account.


However, a common solution is to use a third party software, just take Super Windwos Password Reset for instance. It will help you remove forgotten Windows password which includes Windows administrator, user and domain password on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003(R2)/2008(R2), etc. It's easy to unlock Windows password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive .


Guide: Methods to Unlock Forgotten Windows Password

The following is a guide on how to unlock Windows password using a USB flash drive when forgotten Windows password. It is quite easy to use and just takes less than a few minutes.


Notice: Things you need to prepare before you go:

A bootable USB flash drive

A good mood for password reset

A few minutes to wait for windows password recovery.


Step 1: Download Super Windows Password Reset and Install in a different computer that can login Admin.(an bootable CD/DVD is also available)

Step 2: Run the program and insert the USB flash drive in computer and choose your target USB flash drive, and then click the Burn button to start burning.

Step 3: Click OK while burning process is done, and take the USB flash drive out of computer.

Step 4: Put the burned USB flash drive to your locked computer and set the computer to boot from USB.

Step 5: Choose the specified Windows account you need to unlock, and then click Reset button.

Step 6: Click Yes to continue, and click OK when password has been successfully reset.


Not really clear? Get more details here to Reset Windows password with Super Windows Password Reset.


Next time, if you have forgotten Windows local password or administrator password, you may follow the steps above to unlock Windows password. Certainly, do not forget to create a password reset disk when you can log on computer system again.







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Now you could free download to try it!







I bought Super Windows Password Reset and it worked like a charm. It help me recover my Windows Admin password. Thanks!

-- Daniel Weier

The Windows Password Reset works really well which help me reset my Windows 7 login password efficiently. Thank You!

-- Jeffon Sero



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