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Tips on How to Bypass Windows Password Easily

It's the thing many PC users may think of that creating a strong Windows password to stop unauthorized users. Actually, it is indeed the one of the aspects we usually do to enhance computer security. However, sometimes you may only focus on "strong" so you create a very complex Windows password, neglecting that you are unable to remember the strong password for a long time.

In this case, the security measure may bring you a disaster without any benefits. You perhaps need to bypass Windows password frequently once you forgot Windows password or lost Windows password. In reality, there are many users suffered this similar matters. Searching in Yahoo Answer, you can find lots of questions concerning how to bypass Windows password or how to reset windows password without reinstalling OS if Windows password lost. Below is a step by step guide to solve such kind of problems. But this will not work if you are not already logged in.

How to bypass Windows password without knowing the original

Step 1: Go to START and click on RUN.

Step 2: When the dialog box opens enter "cmd" to access command prompt.

Step 3: When command prompt opens. Enter "net user". Then it precedes to show you the accounts on the computer. If your account is called "owner" Then you will Type in "net user owner *"

Now, you may reset the forgot Windows password

Now it will ask you to type a password for the user. You can pick any password you wish or you can leave it blank. Once you enter it, of course it will ask you to re-enter, and then type "exit" to finish all steps. It’s so easy to do follow my tips.

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