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The Perfect Shower Routine

Taking regular showers is important. There are many things that one should do when taking a shower. However, shower routine varies from one person to another but mainly involves washing your body and shampooing your hair. However, people fail to do many more things when showering. The perfect shower include many things other than shampooing your hair and washing your body. You can use some tricks and methods if you want to turn your ordinary shower into a perfect shower. Read this article to the last letter if you want to know how to turn your ordinary shower into a perfect one.

After washing your body and shampooing your hair, the next thing that you will likely do is stepping out of the shower. The first thing you should do you want to have pleasurable feelings after you step out of the shower is to wrap yourself in a warm towel or cozy robe. Wrapping yourself in a cold towel or robe after taking a hot shower feels unpleasant. You can prevent this by warming up your towel or robe in a dryer before you begin showering. When preparing for a perfect shower it would be best if you set the mood right. To create a spa-like setting that lightens up your mood put on some relaxing music and turn on some candles before step into the shower.

Ensuring the next thing you do after taking that perfect shower complements what you were doing is important. Therefore, right after stepping out of the shower moisturize your skin. Long hair is challenging to shampoo if the hair strands are entangled. Therefore, brush your hair before getting wet would be best to avoid the hassle and pain of washing entangled hair. Another important thing you should do when showering is exfoliating your skin. It is beneficial to exfoliate your skin but if you overdo it you will end up with inflamed hair follicles, pores, and irritated skin.

Also, if you want to practice safe cleaning you should regularly replace your loofah. You should also watch out for the water temperature to prevent having dried up or flaked skin. To help your hair stay cleaner ensure you have dedicated hair towels. When buying hair towels choose a more appropriate fabric that has great absorbent properties. It is important to know that cotton hair towels are less expensive than cotton bath towels hence you should pay only for the amount of towel that you truly need. Towel drying your hair convenient and practical when you have dedicated hair towels. Ensure you have dedicated hair towels if you want your hair to feel squeaky clean.

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