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How to reset Windows 7 password if Windows 7 forgot password

Recently, we have heard of many questions from Windows 7 users, and most of the problems are related to Windows 7 password reset. Many users forgot Windows 7 password for their logon accounts so that they cannot log into their own PC. This brings trouble and unpleasant feelings, indeed. In order to avoid such problems disturbing Windows 7 users daily and working life, we'd like to share you some tips of how to reset Windows 7 password and keeping you from being locked out of Windows 7.

Firstly, as we all know, the Windows password would be the significant first safeguard of our computer, which can prevent other unauthorized users to get into your PC, which can protect your privacy. That’s why most people are intended to set a password for. For bypass Windows 7 password, you'd better taking these tips into account when setting it:

1.Set a Password Hint in Case of Forgetting Windows 7 Password

A password hint is optional when you set a password for your Windows 7 and it will appear when you type the password so as to enter the system. Windows 7 allows you to create a password hint so that you can get some clues to remember your forgotten Windows 7 password. It can be easily created a password hint when you create a Windows password to log on to computer. Please note if your computer is on domain, you cannot create a password hint. You can right-click My Computer to select Property, and then choose Computer Name to check if your computer is on domain.

The Windows password hint should be something that can help you remember a lost Windows 7 password while it will not expose your Windows password. It appears below the password entry box, after you make an incorrect entry and then click OK. Never set the Windows password as your password hint because everyone is able to see your password hint.

2.Create a Password Reset Disk in order to reset Windows 7 password

A Windows 7 password reset disk is necessary for you to reset password since it will store your password and when you forgot Windows 7 password, you can bypass Windows 7 password with the disk quickly and safely. And here is the way to create the disk:

a. Click “Start” button, “Control Panel”, “User Accounts and Family Safety” and “User Accounts”.
b. Click “Create a password reset disk” in the left pane.
c. The Forgotten Password Wizard will open, insert a USB flash drive and then click “Next”.
d. Select the portable media drive, and then click “Next”.
e. Enter your current password, and then click “Next”.
f. Click “Next” when the progress indicator shows 100% complete, and then click “Finish” in the next window.

Once the password reset disk is created, it can be repeatedly used to reset Windows 7 password without limitation. If it falls into hands of others, he or she will be able to enter your computer with the disk. So please store your disk in a safe place.

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