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How to Reset Windows Vista Password without Default Password

When your computer asks for an administrator password or any password you have forgotten, it would be very useful if you knew the default password. And there are several situations in Windows where a default password would attach great importance. For example, if you forgot Windows login password and you would like to enter safe Mode to reset it—a default password of the administrator would certainly give a great favor about how to reset Windows Vista password.

In Windows Vista, unfortunately, there is no default administrator password. When you completely forgot Windows Vista password and you may hope there was a default Vista password to use, but you actually don't need a default Windows Vista password at all. If you've forgotten Vista password, there are several different ways you can follow and back into Windows.

How to reset the forgotten password on Vista

You can use a Windows Vista password reset disk, which can really come in handy if you forget Windows Vista password. With it, you can easily reset your password and get rights to enter Windows Vista. Besides, if you didn't create Vista password reset disk in advance, you can download Super Windows Password Reset software to recover Windows Vista password you've forgotten. With this tool, you can create a bootable CD/DVD or even a USB flash Drive and then back in to your Windows in 5 minutes.

Reset Windows Vista Password without Administrator Account

For those who wanted the vista default password to get administrator access to their account, and have no idea what their admin account is, they should know that there is actually at least one user on every Windows Vista PC which should have administrator access. If you're the only user of this computer, and your user account is not an administrator, neither, you'd better reset Windows vista password of your PC with the solutions mentioned above.

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