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How to Get a Perfect Password?

The bad thing is you lost windows password, the worse thing is you lost it because you encrypted it with low quality, the good news is that you will know how to get a perfect and secure password here.

Please remember this sentence before you creating a password: no password is undecipherable

Actually password recovery is a very difficult process, sometimes it is even impossible. So the more complex your password is the harder it is to guess, the longer your password is the more difficult it is to recovery, 8 or more characters are the minimum for a strong password, 14 characters or longer are ideal.

The perfect password is one that’s hard to guess while easy to remember. So there are 6 steps to build a strong password related to you but seems no relation. It also used to avoid common password strategies that fail.

1. Put two or more words together or put number and symbol together, for example:" you [are] welcome", "wa&658ter".

2. Using the abbreviative sentence so that you can easy to remember, it can include numbers and symbols, for example: "A girl is flying down from the sky", then take the initials, that is: agifdfts,"I gave you too much ", the abbreviative sentence is: Igy2m.

3. Using the punctuation symbol and the popular star's name like your favorite sing star's name, your favorite athlete's name or you best friend’s name, for example: Michael Jordan basketball, you can enter the password as "MJ&basketball".

4. Throw the vowel away in the sentence, add the number or symbols to this sentence, for example:" walk three dogs" the changed sentence is:"wlk3dgs".

5. Change the password regularly. It is a good idea to change windows password often. The more important the password, the more often it should be changed; you’d better change windows password every two months.

6. Don't make the password as the same as username, for example: the username is powerman, the password is also powerman, and don't make the password similar to the username, for example: user name is powerman and the password is power or man, almost all the people who steal password would crack the password begin from the user name.

To set perfect password you should take care:

Avoid using single, simple and sequences characters
"123456789", "5555555555", "8888888888" these passwords are not secure, of course each character you add to your password increases the protection it provides, but you should make the password more complex.

Avoid using a part of your user name or e-mail address
You had better not use username or e-mail address, because username or email is public information.

Avoid using ID number or your real name
The ID number and real name is easy to guess.

Write the password down and you'd better remember it
Write your password down with a paper, put this paper in a secure place, you could find the password from this paper if you forget the password.

It might be a little late when you see this article,if you need password recovery like "windows password recovery".


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