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How to reset Windows Vista password if I forgot my Vista password

Forgot Windows Vista password? Don't worry, because it happens to a lot of people. We're supposed to make our passwords difficult to guess but sometimes we make them so complicated that we forget them ourselves! When friends and other people who use Vista met with such problem, I am always pleased to help them with some useful solutions to recover Vista password. Now, let's conclude some tips on how to reset Windows Vista password:

1. Use Your Windows Vista Password Reset Disk

If at some point in the past you created a Windows Vista password reset disk, now is the time to use it! While, there are exactly little PC users who remember to prepare such a useful disk. You could easily create a Windows Vista password reset disk through Vista's control panel with a USB flash drive.

a. Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safely -> User Accounts.
b. Create a password reset disk on the left pane.
c. Click “Next”, follow the forgotten password Wizard to create a Vista password reset disk.

On the logon interface with incorrect password, click the reset password link and there will be wizard. Now you can reset Windows Vista password with the created password reset disk on your PC within seconds.

2. Take Guesses at Your Forgot Windows Vista Password

Before you laugh at this seemingly obvious advice, really take a look at some of these ideas. You should put some serious guessing effort in before you move on to more complicated ways of getting your password back. Most Vista passwords, even overly complicated ones, are often inspired by the things, places, and people in our lives.

Could your Windows Vista password have anything to do with:

a. your name?
b. the name of a family member or friend?
c. a pet's name?
d. a birthday?
f. your home or office address?
g. something from your childhood?
h. a favorite food?
i. an often dialed telephone number?
j. a combination of any of the above?

3. Have an Administrator Reset Windows Vista Password

If there are other users that have accounts on your PC, one of them may be setup with administrator level access. This means that the user would be able to reset your password for you from within his or her account.

4. Reinstall Your Windows Vista

This might sound like a joke and it's a drastic and destructive step but if you forgot Windows Vista and can't get in the way above, a clean install is guaranteed to get your PC back in full working order. In some cases this is the best method. For instance, if you don't want to lose your EFS-encrypted files or stored credentials by resetting your password, but you desperately need the computer, you can just install Windows a second time. You will have access to all the files of the previous installation. Just make sure that you don't overwrite the original Windows installation during the Windows setup. This allows you to boot up the original Windows installation at a later time.

5. Use Professional Windows Vista Password Reset Software

This is the best and easiest way to reset Vista password after forgetting it. If there's no way on how to reset Vista password, then it's time to use professional Vista password reset program like Super Windows Password Reset. It is very easy to use and almost certain to get you out of this predicament if you can follow step-by-step directions.

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