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How to reset Windows Password with USB Flash

Some computers are not designed to boot from a USB device. If your computer has a CD drive, please use the CD version. 

Firstly, Download Super Windows Password Reset v2.1 from
and install it on your desktop. 

Step1. Burning your USB

a.Insert a USB drive into a USB slot on your computer

b. Run Super Windows Password Reset v2.1, Click "Use USB Disc" button.

c. Click"Step 1"button
d.Right-click on the usb_format.exe file you downloaded to you Desktop and choose Run as Administrator.Then, you may get a User Account Control tip, and select "Allow" button. Or just double click the icon if you don't have the Run as Administrator choice.
e.You should then get the following window.
f.Set the File system to FAT, check the Quik Format box, check the Create DOS Bootable Disk, Browse to the DOS_files folder on your Desktop, click OK & then Start .
g. Cick yes to the following warning.
h. Click OK on the following window and then Close the USB format tool. Your USB drive is formatted.
i. Now open the USB drive with My Computer and click "Step 2" button to open the USB_files folder next to it.
j. Now copy the files from the USB_files folder and paste them directy to the USB drives main directory. 2 of the files may become hidden and you will not see them on the USB drive. This is okay. Your USB drive is now complete.
Step2. Boot the locked computer from USB and remove the password

1. Insert the newly created USB into the optical drive of the locked computer and reboot it.
When the USB boots, you could see Super Windows Password Reset initializing (see screenshot below). If so, continue to the next step. If the computer still boots from Windows, it's necessary for you to change your computer's Setup to make it boot from USB.

2. The program asks for the Windows installation hard drive volume. Enter the ID number of the hard drive volume that Windows is installed.
3. The program has detected all the user names of Windows and asks which user name password is to be removed. Enter the ID number for the User Name.
4. The program asks to confirm weather to remove the password or not. Enter "y" (yes) to confirm your action and "n" (no) to deny the action and hit "Enter".
5. The program asks whether to continue to remove passwords for other accounts. Enter "y" to continue and "n" to finish. Eject your USB from your computer first and press any key to restart the computer from Windows. Now you can log in Windows with an empty password (with no password).