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How to Change Password on Windows 7 and Reset Windows 7 Password after Forgetting It.

It is common for Windows 7 users to set a password to protect their Windows and PCs. But a few people know that it is a good habit to help keep your PC secure by changing Windows 7 password on a regular basis. Especially when you've been in the problem of remembering the current password, you'd better to know how to change password on Windows 7.

By the way, to change password on Windows 7 is quite simple. You firstly click on "Start" and then on "Control Panel", where you can click on the "User Accounts and Family Safety" link. And then you can enter "User Accounts" by click its link, click "Change your password" in the Make changes to your user account area. Then two text boxes will appear, in which you just input the new password you would like to use. At that time, you would be asked to type a password hint. Though this step is optional but I highly recommend you to make use of it. Since the hint will appear if you try logging in to Windows 7 with a wrong password, that may hopefully jogging your memory. Finally, you can click on the "Change password" button to confirm your changes and close the window. Your Windows 7 password has been changed at last, you should use your new password to log on to Windows 7 from now on.

It is easy to forgot Windows 7 password if you change it too frequently

To Change password in Windows 7 regularly is often a useful way to keep your password safe and your PC secure. However, this may result to forgot Windows 7 password. To avoid this, create a Windows 7 password reset disk is highly recommended. Surely, there is no need to create a new password reset disk if you have already created one. And it will work no matter how many times you change Windows 7 password.

How to reset forgot Windows 7 password

If you forgot Windows 7 password and had no password reset disk, then you can resort to a free Windows 7 password recovery tool to reset Windows 7 password even if you can't get into Windows 7 at all. For example, Ophcrack would be one of the most popular free programs working for Windows 7 password recovery. And Super Windows Password Reset would be one of the most popular share ware for Windows 7 password reset; you can also have a try. Anyhow, to change or reset Windows 7 password is simple and easy from now on.

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