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Forgot Vista Password? You Can Even Reset Windows Vista Password without Reinstalling OS

As everyone knows, Windows Vista like other Windows system lets you slap a password on your account and then requires you to type that password before you can use Windows. Though this is optional, and seems somewhat silly when you are the only one around to use the computer, it is highly recommended. The future of computers is all about security, so get used to the password. In that case, you must face the new problem that losing or forgetting password.

Windows Vista allows us to create a password reset disk in case that we lost or forgot windows password. So, it is not necessary for to worry about forgetting or losing Vista password. Certainly, you must know how to reset Windows Vista password using the password reset disk by referring to instruction book. However, if you did not create a password reset disk and or forget to create it, how to reset Windows Vista password is still an annoying problem for many Windows Vista users. I met many internet questions on how to reset Windows Vista password. Such as:

1. How to reset Windows Vista password

My dad changed my Windows admin password and cannot remember it now, and he just so happened to not create a reset disk. Is there any way to change the Windows admin password through guest, or any other manner without the password?

2. How can I recover my forgotten Vista password?

I made a password that I cannot remember at all, I had not made a password reset disk and there are no other users on my laptop. I do not really want to have to spend any money either. What can I do?

3.Is there any way to recover computer password on Windows Vista?

On my laptop, I have Windows Vista and when I turn it on it comes up with all the users on my laptop. I forgot my Windows password to get into my whole account, and I don't know how to recover it? Anyone knows?

Windows Vista Password Recovery Solution One:

If you have forgotten Windows Vista password but still can log on Windows with other user names that have administrative privileges, you may follow the instructions below to recover Vista password:
Right click the computer icon on your desktop to select Manage, and click Local Users and Groups. Unfold Users folder, and then right click Administrator to select Set password. Click Proceed in the menu comes up. And then a dialog will pop up and you can enter a New Password and confirm it at that time. Your administrator password is successfully reset.

Note: Guest account may help to log onto Windows Vista, but it has no privilege for you to recover Windows Vista administrator password.

Windows Vista Password Recovery Solution Two:

If you forgot all your Windows Vista passwords and failed to log onto Windows, there is no other ways but to reinstall computer or to use Vista password recovery software to reset Windows Vista password and logon to computer again. It is the last choice to reinstall computer when you forgot Windows password as it result in data loss. So it is better to choose reliable Windows password recovery software. Although these applications cost some bucks, but no data will lost after password recovery with Windows password recovery. And it just cost you a few minutes to recover Windows Vista password.

Super Windows Password Reset is reliable Windows password recovery software that allows you to recover lost Windows administrator password, user password and domain administrator password on all popular Windows OS like Win 7/Vista/XP/Server 2008/2003. By burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with it, you can easily recover your Windows password. Following are the steps to recover Windows Vista password.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Reset in any available computer.

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with this Windows recovery software

Step 3: Set your locked computer to boot from CD ROM or USB.

Step 4: Remove Windows Vista password with the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 5: Log on your computer without password and reset your Windows Vista administrator password.

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