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Which Windows Operating System Is Right for You by Comparing Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7?

You could do your multitask, chat and share with free photo, e-mail, and IM programs easily, also browse the web more safely by these three windows systems. Certainly, you could personalize your desktop with themes and photos and connect to company networks more securely. In addition, you can watch and record TV on you PC. They are fully compatible with 64-bit PCs.

Compare Windows Vista with Windows 7

Windows Vista has some advantages like Windows 7. Built-in defense against spyware and other malware help keep your data private and secure. Moreover, you can find files and programs instantly, also manage and monitor your children's PC use. More than this, these two Windows systems would make you create and share movies and slide shows in the minutes and get the most realistic game graphics and vivid multimedia.

Compare Windows XP with Windows 7

If you just want to run Windows XP business programs, Windows XP and Windows 7 are suitable for you. But Windows 7 can give you more valuables absolutely, such as open programs and files you use most in a click or two, stream music, photos, and videos around your house. Windows XP and Windows Vista couldn't make these come true. Installing Windows 7 let your PC work more efficient and easier. You just need do three clicks to connect to any available wireless network and you can navigate lots of open windows more quickly or share files, photos, and music on your home network easily. Not only those, you can organize a number of files, documents, and photos effortlessly and manage printers, cameras, and other devices better.

From any PC in your home, you can print to a single printer. Windows 7 is designed for faster sleep and resume and improved power management for longer battery life to make you surfing and working be relieved. It's believed that touch and tap instead of point and click in Windows 7 must meet the needs of you who like to be comfortable. Even though you are away from your home, you also could connect to your home PC media library. Here are many features different from another windows system make Windows 7 to be popular with all kinds of people.

Reset Windows Password in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

In fact, the biggest flaw of Windows Vista is the configuration requirements are too high, so it makes Vista to use less than other systems, if not, Windows Vista is also a better operating system. Windows 7 avoids this shortcoming, so nearly all PCs can be installed it easily and smoothly. That's not all; Windows 7 has the best compatibility in all operating systems. Surely, no matter you want to reset the Forgotten Windows password in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, you also use the windows password reset software to accomplish.

Now, you might have the choice in your mind which one is right for you.

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