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How to create Vista Password Reset Disk to recover Windows password

It will be a waste of time for most people to protect their computers with windows password, but several windows vista's built-in applications require a windows password for user account. Many people always forgot Vista password that is fairly simple they created. They use some capital letters and place a number sequence at the beginning or the end of the word, so it's the lack of continuity that gets them into trouble. However, Microsoft is kind enough to build a windows password insurance policy into Vista. It's called Windows Vista Password Reset Disk. As the name implies, this disk can easily recover Windows password you ever forget it. But you must set it up before you actually need it. If not, you will have to reinstall Vista or use Windows password reset software. It is very simple to create and use the Windows Vista password reset disk with USB flash drive will do the trick. We can begin to insert the USB flash drive recognized by the Windows system into the PC.

Create Vista Password Reset Disk with USB Flash Drive

1. Create the Vista Password Reset Disk, go to the Control Panel and select User Accounts. Under the Control Panel on the left of the screen, click Create a password reset disk.

2. This will launch the Forgotten Password Wizard. Press "Next" to proceed.

3. Select the drive letter (example, F:) in which you could create the windows password reset disk. Press Next to continue.

4. Type the password for user account and press "Next".

5. When the progress indicates 100 percent complete, press Next.

6. Press Finish to complete the Windows password reset disk process.

You have now successfully created a Windows Vista password reset disk for this user account. Because of the Windows password can be reset by anyone using this disk, don't forget to store it in a place where only you know. If the day comes when you need to use your Windows password reset disk, it is a remarkably simple procedure.

How to reset Vista password with Windows password recovery Disk

1. You will see Reset password… under the password entry window, once you have entered the incorrect password. Then you click it. This will launch the Password Reset Wizard. Press Next to proceed.

2. The wizard will now ask you for the location of the Windows password reset disk. Select it (example, F :) and press Next to continue.

3. Enter a new password, confirm it and then create a hint for your new password. Your hint should be something that you would recognize, yet not be especially helpful to anyone else who might try to access your system. Press Next to start the reset Vista password process.

4. When the process completes, press Finish to close the Password Reset Wizard. This will bring you back to the Windows login screen.

5. Now just enter your new password to login to your Windows user account.

You can use the password reset disk only with a local user account. It does not support user accounts authenticated by a domain server. Those accounts can only be reset by the network administrator. If your computer with windows vista has multiple user accounts, you need to create a password reset disk for those accounts using a different USB Flash drive for each one.

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