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Windows XP password recovery-How to Recover Windows XP Administrator Password

With the administrator password in Windows XP, you can access the "Administrator" account, which usually doesn't show up on the logon screen and most people even don't know its existence. It often affects little since your computer under this account is not usually in use.

However, you will need this password sometimes, such as when you're accessing the Windows XP password Recovery Console or trying to boot into Windows XP Safe Mode. You need this password to continue the process. How to reset Windows XP administrator password? Here are some instructions:

How to reset Windows XP passwords without Administrator rights.

1. Press Enter without typing anything in the password box. The Windows XP Administrator password is usually left blank during the initial Windows XP installation process.

2. Enter the password to your account. This often times relies on setting-ups of Windows XP on your computer and what kind of admin password is in need, the primary user account will also be configured with administrator rights.

3. Think over your administrator password. If you installed Windows XP on your computer on your own, you probably set the administrator password during the Windows XP installation process. If so, you might be able to make really good guesses according to your password hint or your habits in setting a password. Learn more detail here: Windows XP forgot Password? How to reset Windows XP administrator password.

Windows XP forgot Password- How to reset Windows XP administrator password without login.

4. Use the password reset disk. Windows XP allows its users to create a password reset disk in case that they may forget the password. If you have created one, just inset it into your PC drive and it will bring you to reset the password. Learn more detail here: Windows XP Password recovery by using XP Password Reset Disk

5. Have password to enter another user account. If there are other users that have accounts on your Windows XP computer, one of them may be setup with administrator access.

6. Reset the administrator password with Windows password recovery software, such as Super Windows Password Reset. These software programs are designed for Windows passwords reset and recovery. Learn more detail here: Professional password recovery software for you to Reset Windows password.

7. Clean install Windows XP. This is a last resort option. In this way, Windows XP will be completely removed from your PC and installed again from scratch.

If you have no idea about how to reset Windows XP administrator password, you can follow the instructions above. And you can retrieve your XP password quickly.

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